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While lending a helping-hoof collecting apple, Brushed brew takes a break. While heading to the homestead to get some cider, nearing the homestead a moan of pleasure reaches his ears. Curiously, he investigates. Rounding the corner to the backside the building, Big Mac was leaning against the wall, masturbating. He spots the peeping earth pony
"U… Uhm, hullo partnah…" he stammers
pink patches appear on his cheeks
Brushed brew trots over to the heavily blushing earth pony and turns around, lifting his tail to expose his ponut
"Here, it'll feel better than rubbing one out."
Hesitating for a second, Big Mac gets back onto his hooves and licks the grey ponut presented.

In the bushes the CMC head towards the back of the homestead
"He's usually here around the same time every day." Apple bloom whispers
They make a gap in the bushes, just in time to see Big Mac mounting Brushed brew.
"jackpot!" Scootaloo whispers
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