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Lyra is hiding in each panel, can you find all 12 of them?Hi everypony, made this 1920x1200 wallpaper for's contest: [link]Challenge was to hide Lyra into my WallpaperAuthor's Comments:Okay so wow, this wallpaper is totally random.It may not look like a wallpaper since it's pretty muchjust a collage of giant signature banners in it.Whatever, I pretty much just experimented hereAnd oh, finding Lyra is not easy. Good luck with that.Be sure to view it at Full Size! (1920x1200)Individual Banners:TS [link] RD [link] RY [link] FS [link] AJ [link] PP [link] TGPT [link] DJ [link] OCT [link] DH [link] PF [link] DW [link]Vectors Used:Twilight Sparkle [link]Rainbow Dash [link]Rarity [link]Fluttershy [link]Applejack [link]Pinkie Pie [link]Trixie [link]DJ Pon3 [link]Octavia [link]Derpy [link]Photo Finish [link]Dr. Whooves [link]Vector Artists:
safe1555481 artist:ak7120 artist:chromadancer39 artist:datnaro63 artist:irishguy90018 artist:keinzantezuken10 artist:kooner-cz277 artist:maximillianveers91 artist:mihaaaa118 artist:moongazeponies263 artist:paradigm-zero33 artist:shelmo6989 artist:stinkehund297 artist:zork-7874 edit114573 applejack157246 derpy hooves47919 dj pon-327902 doctor whooves9984 fluttershy195771 lyra heartstrings27497 octavia melody22066 photo finish2500 pinkie pie201372 rainbow dash217212 rarity167906 time turner9969 trixie61182 twilight sparkle279799 vinyl scratch31997 pony826662 unicorn257523 female879623 mane six28978 mare404308 vector71522 wallpaper17588 wallpaper edit2402


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