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safe1974253 screencap264002 princess flurry heart8618 spike87392 twilight sparkle333253 alicorn274980 dragon72368 pony1326684 a flurry of emotions1333 apple19134 baby13287 book39364 chalk640 chalk drawing270 chalkboard3350 diaper15409 drawing5161 female1605966 flurry art97 flurry heart's chalkboard96 food87898 meme origin543 princess flurry smart13 school2078 solo1270525 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138712


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I love not only that she drew herself and her Aunt Twilight, but her Uncle Spike too. :3
night watch

Well, I can honestly say that of all the artworks in the episode, this was the best one. I mean, you can practically feel the love in her drawing!
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Presumably they’re not all going to die, though, so it was probably for when they came back. Now she has to write it all out again. Imagine a life where everything tastes like chalk. I wouldn’t want to have to do than more than strictly necessary, either.

Offensive. Please ban.
Why was Cheerilee pissed about her chalkboard getting messed up anyway? It’s not like she had any teaching planned. All her students were sick.