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suggestive143232 artist:thecuriousfool63 dear darling198 feather bangs555 fond feather192 swoon song200 earth pony249599 pegasus292677 pony969842 unicorn324385 hard to say anything837 ahegao24810 anatomically incorrect4134 bedroom eyes59479 bimbettes162 blushing198021 feather bangs gets all the mares11 featherdarling8 feathersong9 female1365255 fondbangs8 good end564 harem911 humanoid torso186 imminent sex7031 looking at each other20287 looking down8883 looking up16511 lucky bastard1783 male373498 mare481783 open mouth146310 shipping200516 smiling249150 spread wings54822 stallion109178 straight136572 this will end in snu snu484 wingboner8236 wings107800


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Background Pony #BAD8
In the end, while FB didn't get Sugar Belle, he still got a mare…and more than one. So both he and Big Mac both ended up happy.
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Background Pony #E3B0
Poor guy is going to end up knocking up all three mares and conceiving dozens of foals…
Background Pony #A1A3
Every pony's dream is to make it with a beautiful unicorn, peagsus, and earth pony all at once — and he's living it.
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When they invited him to their house, they found out that not only was he actually shy around girls, he was also a virgin. They made sure to correct that immediately.