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Artist's Description

Warm up sketch. I like how it turned out but I probably won't finish it.

A young pegasus named Sunstreak moves to Capricorn Reef with his parents and attends the high school there. Eager and always looking for a way to move himself up in the world, he creates a goal to be popular and well loved by his classmates. It doesn't take long for the charismatic and atheletic stallion to make a group of friends (mostly of "purebred" ponies) and find his place. But he isn't satisfied with the mundane, he wants something more.

That's when his gaze falls on a young unicorn mare in his class. Long blue hair, pale fur and large… eyes. It was love at first sight! Being a smooth-talking, cool guy that he is, he casually introduced himself to Bubble Lee and proposed his idea that they should date. Together, they would be the coolest couple at the school and their popularity would sky rocket..

Bubble was less then impressed by Sunstreak's advances and blew him off the first couple times… But Streak was persistent. He charmed her with witty, sarcastic comments and small little tokens of his affections. And even though she hated to admit it, Bubble found the egocentric personality and over bearing confidence and dominance rather.. attractive.

Eventually Bubble caved and Sunstreak and her dated for a couple years in high school, sharing many pleasant and intimate memories.. along with some not so great ones.

It's only ironic that she never knew then that Sunstreak was also a Monster behind a mask…

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