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safe1654063 artist:hikariviny210 discord29975 princess celestia92929 rainbow dash228064 soarin'13695 sunset shimmer60814 twilight sparkle293588 alicorn214332 draconequus10464 pegasus271640 pony918548 unicorn301848 chibi13851 cute191849 cutelestia3486 dashabetes8786 discute997 dislestia1426 female1317715 lesbian93879 male355811 mare456337 shimmerbetes4226 shipping193524 simple background375910 smiling233913 soarinbetes191 soarindash4720 stallion102209 straight131371 sunsetsparkle4262 twiabetes11257 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120790


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Background Pony #9334
All are adorable, except I prefer Fluttercord… not that Dislestia isn't plausible too though, since the artist had good intentions as of pairing them together.