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Ms. Harshwhinny slammed the door to her apartment. Eager to put the burdens of her day to rest she kicked off her heels and proceeded into the sitting room. She unwrapped her scarf, removed her coat and unbuttoned her blouse. Tossing them onto her chair she reached up behind her back for the clip on her bra.

Harshwhinny looked down at her coffee table and saw the thick tan dildo she had abandoned there in the morning. She let out a frustrated short and unclipped her bra. Her luscious boobs spilled out, only a little sag to them. Tossing her bra onto the growing pile on the chair she regarded her dildo again.

She scowled as she thought of the boorish stallions and overgrown colts she dealt with all day. Harshwhinny snorted again derisively but her thoughts turned to their packages. Had she shown a little tact or just a little more practice on her smile she would have half a dozen of them lining up to rut her right now.

"Buck it!" Harshwhinny growled. She grabbed her dildo and plopped down in her sofa with a grunt. The mare spread her legs wide and her skirt climbed to her waist. She was wearing no panties, her one bit of unprofessionalism. Her one guilty pleasure she allowed herself, not wearing panties around all those stallions.

Bringing the dildo to her muzzle, Harshwhinny took a deep sniff. She scowled at the shaft, fantasizing the musk of a stallion rather than the smell if her juices. "And what do you expect me to do with this?" She directed a glare at an imaginary colt she had seen today. "Do you honestly expect me to- GHHAAKK?!"

The fantasy colt thrust his cock into Harshwhinny's mouth mid sentence. She took the shaft to the back of her throat. She momentarily gagged on it before letting out a repressed moan. She deepthroated the dildo for nearly a minute before she pulled it out with a loud pop. She gasped for breath and wiped the drool from her lips. Harshwhinny slid the shaft of the dildo down her body; between her boobs, across her taut tummy and pushed it against her mature cunt. Her saliva left a shiny trail across her fur. Her cunt made squishy noises as the dildo pushed at her labia.

"Are you asking permission? After what you already did you want to play the gentlecolt?" Harshwhinny snorted at her imaginary partner. "Grow a pair and rut me like a whore!" And she thrust the dildo into her dripping sex to the base of its rubber balls. The repressed mare slammed the dildo into her cunt with furious thrusts. Wet slaps and loud, throaty moans filled her small, plush apartment. Harshwhinny closed her eyes as she fantasized.

At this moment a gloved hand grabbed Ms. Harshwhinny's scarf. The stallion pulled the scarf straight and wrapped the ends a few times around his wrists. A smirk formed in the hole of his face mask as he rounded the back of the shaking sofa. He wrapped the scarf around Harshwhinny's throat and pulled the silk taut.

Harshwhinny's eyes snapped open and she let out a startled squawk. With one hand still pushing on the dildo she reached up with her other fist and beat at her assailants arms. She thrust her hips and her boobs bounced against her chest. She gasped for precious air and grunted with exertion. All through this she still slammed her dildo into her wet cunt.

The stallion grunted with his efforts of throttling Ms. Harshwhinny. He let out a strained chuckle as the slut still masturbated even when she was being strangled.

Harshwhinny's eyes rolled up and dark spots formed in her vision. Despite the pleasure she was feeling, Harshwhinney abandoned her dildo and reached over the back of the sofa with both hands to try to hit her attacker. She only achieved a couple weak slaps. The dildo slid out with a moist pop and fell to the floor. The rubber shaft splattered her mare juices on the hardwood. A final groan escaped her as her arms went limp, drapping across the back of her sofa. Harshwhinny expired frustrated and unfulfilled. Her hips thrust up a couple times. First a little squirt then a wild spray of urine issued forth from her gaping cunt.

It was quite the sight.
explicit322500 grimdark29242 artist:andras168 ms. harshwhinny2243 anthro236588 unguligrade anthro43613 anus88569 asphyxiation1400 bdsm5957 breasts249510 clitoris24561 clopfic in description883 clothes420045 crying40566 dead3857 dildo13008 female1273802 fetish36034 gaping3112 monochrome143840 nipples149070 nudity338728 orgasm denial1291 pissing3485 ponut39463 sex toy23503 snuff793 solo992930 solo female170070 stockings29337 story included8212 strangling325 thigh highs29719 urine6077 vagina46255


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Gore Fics For Fun
Well she died unfulfilled, but I'm sure her killer got some fulfillment with her corpse, so that's something!
Hot as always. Seriously, you're awesome.
You should consider writing fanfics, if you don't already.