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Page 9 of My Little Daydream: Fantasies are Magic.

Public release of a Patreon comic done by Cyrus Physhor.

Want it early instead of waiting for a low-res release a month after the fact? Go to https://www.patreon.com/EpicHoagie
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Background Pony #0769
Actually, I think the plot is that our protagist, Josh, learned how to use mental projection to turn others into anthro ponies, and at first he had full control and it appeared it worked in an area of effect around him (as shown in the second page when a cheerleader he made into an anthro Diamond Tiara suddenly reverted back to normal once he got far enough away from her, and given her reaction, in addition to her confusion surrounding their conversation, I have a feeling she ever so slightly aware something supernatural has just happened to her), and he began changing all his classmates with reckless abandon, but got carried away and his chuckling got the attention of his teacher, who threw him in detention.
In detention, given he was now in a one on one setting with someone, he decided to full ham with his projection power to see how far he could take things. Not only was he able to turn his teacher Ms. Lee into an anthro Cheerilee, but also made her clothes sexier; shirt smaller, skirt shorter, that stuff; and also based on her boosted libido and reduced intelligence, he managed to bimbofy her as well.
However, things started to spiral out of control when he began to grope Cheerilee, I suspect either because he was running his power in overdrive and now was in a feedback loop, or because he kept projecting onto Cheerilee and now was touching her, he was absorbing his own projection… anyhow, his power starts to defy his wishes and turns him into a female anthro pegasus named Gel Glider. With things spiraling out of control, ol’ bimbo Cheerilee decides to "punish" her student, in the sexy way.
Gel blacks out during sexy time, hearing the alarm, thinks it was all a dream, to discover she’s still a pegasus, and still a she, which meant all of that may very actually have happened yesterday as she gets control of the projection powers again and reverts being Josh. However, shortly after getting in his classroom, the powers seem to run amok again, and Josh knows he’s in trouble the moment he sees he’s wearing a skirt again. This leads to where we are now, with Josh running into Ms. Lee and knocking her down, but the power is now completely out of control, she rapidly turns back into the bimbo Cheerilee, and Josh quickly loses himself to Gel again upon being thrown to the floor by Cheerilee.

In short, his turning into Gel Glider was something he apparently never intended. He’s basically falling victim to his own power.
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@Background Pony #949E
The main character seems to have gained the ability to turn himself and others into anthro pony versions of show characters, or into a alternate gender OC in his own case. Right now, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to control it very well, so anyone he sees or touches is changed into whatever pony he was thinking about at the time.
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