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These two really show their emotions a lot more than the other mane six parents. Enjoyed this episode quite a bit.

Update: Reposting to fix a bad rendering of Windy's flank. SVG was fine, Derpi choked on it.

"Nude" version: >>1441945
Cutie marks: >>1441364
safe1557689 artist:cheezedoodle96794 bow hothoof889 windy whistles1811 pegasus233239 pony828817 .svg available7345 clothes402153 couple4514 duo48022 eye contact6106 female881873 flying33804 looking at each other15858 male299675 mare405468 pointing3629 rainbow dash's parents333 shipping181782 shirt20652 simple background338675 smiling210868 spread wings46915 stallion90623 svg3134 transparent background176518 vector70630 windyhoof281 wings72470


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Background Pony #5CF5
I guess this is an edit right? Windy was talking to Spitfire in that scene. Still cute.