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safe1727172 artist:starblaze25104 princess luna99910 alicorn228492 pony987442 backlighting944 cloud31333 female1381480 fluffy14427 huzzah51 lidded eyes31235 looking at you172149 mare491021 missing accessory8277 open mouth149898 prone25929 sky14547 smiling254324 solo1078199 spread wings55751 sun6797 wings111410


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
So, imagine encountering a perfect waft of cool nighttime air on the kind of steaming, muggy summer day where everything is on the edge of breaking. Floral scented, and all the relief hitting you at once as if after thunder that's already passed by. A bit like that.

Why can't I hug this pony?