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aka how I would’ve written Princess Celestia in that episode.So yeah, the fan favorite Trixie returns, makes friends with Starlight, Twilight has her doubts and in the end, the episode was really good. My only complaint is how they featured Celestia in that episode for the sake of a joke. I’ve grown tired of Hasbro putting her under the, Writers don’t know what to do with you, category. So I put together my version of how the episode should’ve ended. But man, so many ponies to work with. Button Mash, Rara, Wild Fire, I’m actually surprised about Wild Fire’s popularity. She used to be one of the most popular canon OC’s in the show, but nowadays I barely see any fan art of her. Oh wellStellar Eclipse - Bronze Age - MeEverypony else - Hasbro
safe1971561 artist:meltingman23432 big macintosh31305 blues1105 button mash4517 cheerilee10722 coloratura3315 noteworthy1106 party favor1647 princess celestia105084 rarity203135 starlight glimmer55319 stellar eclipse190 thunderlane4576 trixie74666 twilight sparkle332907 wild fire925 alicorn274437 pony1323411 no second prances2021 3d104027 absurd resolution71581 comic123863 countess coloratura1051 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138553


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