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safe2209854 artist:joan-grace316 apple bloom60858 babs seed6438 scootaloo59443 sweetie belle57437 earth pony520329 anthro368425 unguligrade anthro66553 g42064606 alternate universe13515 armor31973 armor skirt278 clothes650286 cutie mark crusaders22694 freckles45772 hoof hands195 pirate3062 rebellion73 scar16924 simple background615471 skirt57352 skirtaloo172 white background168391


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As stated, this is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! The events from the show HAVE NOT HAPPENED (except for Starlight changing the changelings, but more on that later). It takes place in a MEDIEVAL SETTING! This is an AU where King Sombra and his Umbra ponies have teamed up with Chrysalis and the changelings who didn’t accept friendship along with Thorax. They have taken control of Equestria, and are ruling it with a oppressive hand (hoof?). They have been in control for around 200 years.
Luna and Celestia were the leaders of Equestria before Sombra and Chrysalis took over, but retreated to the Crystal Empire, befriending and helping to train the Crystal Empresses (the Crystal empress is not immortal). The newest Empress, Empress Cadence, has convinced her mentors to return to Equestria and take it back. She has offered her help, and her husband’s sister, Princess Twilight (Celestia was her mentor), is traveling around in secret to try and recruit as many ponies as she can for the rebellion.
Anyhoo, hope that explains what’s going on here. Onward to the CMC!!
In this AU, the CMC have banded together and become a fearsome (adorable) pirate crew.
Applebloom (the Captain)
Age: 14
Position: Captain, repairman (even the captain has to help sometimes)
Character: Trustworthy, strong, mature, smart, and savvy. She doesn’t smile much, but on the good days, enjoys a good joke and having fun pillaging with her pals!
Scootaloo (the Bolt)
Age: 13
Position: Fighter [agility], lookout
Character: A little psychotic and a lot more hotheaded, but a good friend when she’s needed. She can be a little blunt and insensitive at times but is hardcore loyal. Makes a good fighting team with Gabby.
Sweetie Belle (the Siren)
Age: 13
Position: Fighter [finesse], seamstress (mends the others’ clothes)
Character: Extroverted, kind, a teensy bit self centered, and a little motherly to the rest of the Crusaders. She can have a short temper, but knows when it’s appropriate to lose it and when it’s not.
Babs Seed (the Demon)
Age: 14
Position: fighter [tank], repairman, ‘therapist’
Character: Really introverted, very quiet and reserved, but also knows holding stuff in without telling anyone can be quite disastrous. She always finds Applebloom to confide in when she needs to, and is the unofficial therapist/ confident for the whole crew. Despite this, she is the most notorious warrior in the crew (much to Scootaloo’s chagrin), and has killed many ponies in quite gruesome ways.
The Backstory:
Applebloom, Babs, and Sweetie Belle were all friends with each other, but were separated from their families at the same time when they were around 5 [AJ and Rarity’s families were evacuating a burning town] and ended up getting put in the same orphanage. The treatment there was horrible, and they became pick pockets for a couple years. They eventually hitched a ride to a harbor, where their love for sailing was immediately sparked.
They stole a small sail boat (think Moana’s raft) and ended up running into Scoots. After recruiting her, they up-sized their boat to a sail boat, and began a routine of docking in harbors, pick pocketing as much money as they could, and leaving in the middle of the night. They picked up Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, both of whom were running away from abusive/wealthy parents. They also met Twist after getting mugged: she was the one who patched them up. Having no family to go back home to, Twist left with the gang that day, not stealing but instead treating the wounds of her shipmates and cooking.
They became so good at their ‘street raids’ that they caught the eye (quite literally. He had an eyepatch) of a pirate captain. He took them in a trained them to be even more effective in stealing. Once they had the basics down, the gang began to teach themselves, learning how to burgle buildings and even other ships. They really began to enjoy the pirate/thief life.
BUTT, of course, their time there had to come to an end. When the captain and crew raided a griffon village and took a griffonlet [baby griffon] onto the ship as a slave to sell, the gang knew it was time to go. They escaped on a very small ship, taking the griffon, aka Gabby the griffon, with them. She became part of their new crew, learning how to fight with great eagerness.
Now, the gang call themselves the Crusaders. They’re a wanted pirate crew in Equestria, as well an innumerable other lands. They hire themselves out a mercenaries (as long as they don’t kill any families) on occasion, but mainly take to pillaging harbors and merchant ships.
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Huh, neat.
Applebloom goes Greymane style, HotS ref here.  
Scoots goes towards typical Barbarian armor style.  
Sweetie got her armor clearly from the Samurai Warriors universe.  
And Babs looks too generic sadly.