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Took the three pointy ponies I made here >>1434408 and did a whole bunch more, basically anyone important.

Not meant to be perfect or the most clean looking in the world, but I'll have fun using them as tiny props in the future, may make more another day. That means if you see any errors, odds are, I know of them, and don't really care as these will be seen small if used at all. Also the facial hair looks weird, just roll with it. Basically they're toys. Also I made Jon again for the first time since I made him way back last year.

Are all these tags necessary?

safe1659215 artist:lightningbolt879 derpibooru exclusive27070 bat pony47319 changeling45143 earth pony231655 pegasus273525 pony923263 unicorn304185 .svg available8102 andy hurley6 bags under eyes1902 bob bryar10 brendon urie32 brent wilson8 casual149 clandestine industries119 clothes442505 disguise4526 disguised changeling2527 ear piercing24601 emo762 eyeshadow14752 facial hair5555 fall out boy98 frank iero25 frown22259 gerard way33 glasses59311 group3343 hat83229 hoodie13305 horn piercing182 joe trohman6 jon walker4 makeup20253 mikey way65 my chemical romance157 necktie6857 open mouth137408 panic! at the disco96 patrick stump10 pete wentz79 piercing38893 pointy ponies3313 ponified39925 ray toro9 ryan ross30 scarf22575 shirt23619 shoes34392 simple background377781 smiling235939 socks63809 spencer smith8 suit5603 svg3533 t-shirt4184 tattoo5194 transparent background195464 undercut298 unshorn fetlocks23721 vector75079 vest3748 zipper739


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