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Kissy kissy.

Did I go overboard with details? Yes, this was on purpose. Are they all important to her design? Not really, mostly just the necklaces and choker. Everything else is optional/changes a lot. Do I actually own a laptop with Windows 95? No, I run Ubuntu, and I currently use IceWM so I can have a Fake95 theme, her laptop is mostly a joke as I wanted to see if I could plop a Win95 logo in there somewhere, it is not needed. Is she playing with toys and making them kiss? Duh. Did I overdo details just so I could add more relevant tags? Yep. I put 10 Clandestine Industries bats in here, none are hard to find.

I own most of the stuff that is real in here, the necklaces, the wristbands, the choker, the shirt. There are no gloves like that as far as I know, but there were gray ones. I don't have piercing ears, I don't wear bows, I don't have a plain black hoodie (maybe she has a design on the back, who knows) and I don't have striped socks, but I would if I could. I also suck at applying makeup, and there are figures of 2005 era MCR and 2006 era FOB and I own some of those, tho they don't have those outfits, are made by entirely different companies, and have entirely different levels of articulation and scale. So those are real in theory. I also don't wear pin buttons, but I own some, and there's probably at least one out there resembling one of these.

Her hair isn't meant to follow a static design, really, just keep it long, keep it messy, keep it black (dyed part optional) and keep it emo. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. All clothes and makeup are optional too, as I said, all that she needs is the necklaces and spiked choker/wristband(s), otherwise, open to creativity, provided it's within her style. :v
safe1750222 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29308 oc711801 oc only465372 oc:lightning dee61 bat pony52161 pegasus309061 pony1010311 unicorn342211 .svg available8463 bow29965 brendon urie33 button917 choker12916 clandestine industries123 clothes475907 cobra starship54 colored sclera699 computer6354 death spells2 diamond799 dyed mane357 ear piercing27782 earring22157 emo847 eyeliner1070 eyeshadow16563 face paint855 fall out boy109 fangs26678 female1401673 figure1263 fingerless gloves4860 frnkiero andthe cellabration5 glasses64568 gloves20954 grin40905 hair bow16374 hoodie14938 hoof hold8603 implied gay1342 implied shipping5192 jewelry68196 laptop computer2386 leathermøuth2 lidded eyes31784 long mane3432 looking down9312 makeup22808 mare502072 messy mane7925 mikey way70 minecraft2655 my chemical romance171 necklace20376 open mouth154282 panic! at the disco98 pete wentz89 piercing43095 pin261 playing1526 pointy ponies3454 ponified41997 raised hoof48419 ribbon7264 shipper on deck1458 shirt26166 shoes38726 simple background409023 sitting65581 smiling260846 socks68554 solo1094219 spiked choker1727 spiked wristband1358 spread wings57044 striped socks21941 svg3701 tail bow5800 toy22455 transparent background208757 undershirt417 vector77855 windows793 windows 9542 wings123062 wristband3822 yellow sclera134 zipper820


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