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safe1598797 artist:keeponhatin115 oc615774 oc only412175 oc:anon11140 oc:blitz141 original species22138 plane pony1244 pony868036 a-10 thunderbolt ii158 an egg being attacked by sperm1709 bandage5194 body cast43 comic102258 egg cell1625 gau-829 impregnation2614 monochrome143686 plane2524 spanking2449 spermatozoon1636 worth it82


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8 comments posted

And that man made a ton of records today XD

Survive a single bullet of a A10 and the after burner of one. As well as kiss ones ass XD

Good going Anon.
Background Pony #0AFC
Well, he got hit with a bullet with power or about… A bus at full speed and at a very concentrated spot, ouch, either his body is 95% rubber or Magic happened..
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Background Pony #536D
5th panel from the bottom: look to me like he's in the jet wash more than falling.

still funny.