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Condescending? What are you talking about? The pony was hurt, so I gave her a bandage, kissed it better and carried her home so she would hurt herself again!…What, I'm not supposed to carry her like that?


So I tried going into the painting thing again. I'm… disappointed, because it makes me feel like I have no sort of grasp on color. Oh well, I suppose that can only improve by further practice.
safe1618303 artist:firefanatic355 fluttershy203303 oc628912 oc:queen cocoon6 changeling43086 changeling queen13908 moth494 mothling123 original species22665 pegasus258194 pony885795 absurd resolution64365 bandage5292 carrying2063 changeling queen oc1723 crying41067 female1288179 fluffy13297 frog (hoof)11111 mouth hold16029 scruff117 species swap18045 underhoof48203 yellow changeling791


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