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Yes lets generalize a large portion of thw fandom because clearily no one else said stupid things about the show.
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They don’t seem to understand that just because mlp started as a way to sell toys doesn’t mean it still is. it’s called evolution, it doesn’t just apply to biology, but any system that changes in a coordinated fashion
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@Hollowfox the Stallion  
To be fair, Transformers at least has the groundwork enabling modern day human interaction, unlike the Smurfs. And ponies? I’l pretty sure that’s heavily restricted, hence why they’re the only thing not part of the extended universe…
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Apologies for the delay.
Yeah, and you say that is inaccurate to call the MLP movie a faithful adaptation of a TV show.
It would really be inaccurate to say if the movie was a live action/animated hybrid and it focused a lot on IRL humans rather than ponies, just like Bayformers and Smurfs. (Fyi, Sony wanted to make an MLP movie with Hasbro but the plan was abandoned thankfully) Which, thank goodness it isn’t what we got, as the film focuses on ponies rather than IRL humans and it’s 2D animated as it should be, and that’s why I think the film is faithful to the show compared to other Hasbro films such as Bayformers and Jem ‘15. (EqG doesn’t count because they’re counterparts of the ponies)
What do you know about what’s faithful to the source material or not?
P.s. the word delusional pisses me the fuck off.
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@Hollowfox the Stallion  
Imagine being this delusional. It is losing popularity because the initial audience is growing out of it and the movie reviewed poorly because reviewers set out to hate it and it had issues caused by being way too short for the kind of story they wanted to tell. Fanart is dwindling because the adult audience was largely a fad and crossover fanart in particular because a lot of the people who are left really only care about mlp and nothing else. It is also inaccurate to call them film a faithful adaption when it had to drastically reduce the power level of two of its characters to put anybody under any sort of threat for most of the film. it also didn’t have royal guards where there should logically have been some and there would have been in the show because again the film was too short to fit them in.