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safe1750054 artist:creatorofpony878 artist:syncedsart103 artist:timetimeout46 applejack173239 fluttershy217208 pinkie pie220123 rainbow dash238524 rarity185560 twilight sparkle306064 equestria girls206944 the cutie map4166 3d80295 angry28060 apple16748 blender7251 boots22926 bracelet10007 cave3496 clothes475820 compression shorts1328 cowboy boots1597 cowboy hat17138 denim skirt1634 equestria girls interpretation578 eyes closed98013 fist530 freckles30101 gasp994 hat90305 humane six3419 leg warmers2572 open mouth154210 ponied up5302 ponytail18754 scene interpretation8825 shoes38724 skirt41073 socks68537 stetson5054 tanktop8066 wings123033 wristband3822


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Background Pony #4E44
Pt.Galaxy:"I'll Take You Down to Viracocha to Uca-Pacha!Starlight Glimmer!"