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WOW. I DUN GOOFED BIG TIME. After coming back to this and reading the description, I had to rewrite the Flame-Lights lives on Sparks' bio. Here's the original:"First going in the direction without Elegy, before changing. Darwina would befriend Nightlight and hate Dulagria. Dulagria and Elegy would be in an official relationship."Nightlight Charm is who Sassy Sparks becomes. So that's probably the biggest thing I messed up on. Secondly, I don't understand if how it would go in the No-Elegy path. I mean after becoming distant, yeah. But I don't see her hating anyone.. Just neutral. So yeah, a majorish update I just wanted to fix.The-Sheamus-MLP TheSteelStallion Wolf427 RazorSketches C0WFEE I'm not sorry for the Flame-Light spam. I haven't drawn them this much in a long time. ;u;Some quick doodles of my Flame-Light Ponies before they met their fates along with their names and cutie marks. They'll be going in the order I got them.Lemon Drops: A happy, energetic, and optimistic unicorn who worked on a lemon farm. Died when she was 16 from multipleethal insect stings (she didn't have any allergies, the insects had venomous stings). She became Dulagra Tried not to make her a knockoff Applejack.:bulletbullet: Had 3 older brothers and a dad. Her mother died.Lovely Vibes: Chill AF, open minded, and relaxed earth pony who had joined some traveling ponies called Heart in Hoof. Died at 18 by homophobia and "revenge" motivated stabbing by sister. Is now Darwina Northcutt. Learned she was Bisexual when she was about 11. Had 2 older siblings (brother and sister) and a younger bother, a mom, and a dad. Ran away from home at 12 after coming out. Sister attempted to kill her but failed. Her lover was a pegasus named High Tides. Had gotten (and maybe still does) small colds when extremely Nervous.Allegro Capriccio: Edgy, musical, and a lovable douchebag Pegasus who played music. Died at 25 in a freak accident. While traveling with other musicians, there was a bad storm that knocked the cab(¿??) over a hill. He was impaled by an organ pipe when he was at the bottom and died when one of the musicians removed it. Had a mom, dad, and younger sister. When he was 6, he learned his special talent was playing instruments. When he was 8, his grandmother died and from that day on he created played songs to express himself. Is my personal favorite design wise here. Was and is the best damn babysitter. He sang mostly dark satirical songs, but would occassionally sing more lighthearted ones at charity events he went to. Actually performed for Heart at Hoof while they took a break after their cart broke.Sassy Spark: Sassy, a bit kinky, and hyper Unicorn who worked at a supermarket. Died at 30 after being kidnapped and tortured to death. Is now Nightlight Charm. She often went to nightclubs and had many O.N.Ss with stallions. On the night of her death, the stallion who took her life offered her to see his house. Since he was wealthy, she went for it. Often straightened her hair when she went out to party. While being tortured, her kidnapper sawed off her horn to prevent her from using magic. This explains to why she is an earth pony (unless the species owners say otherwise).____Last Words and What if they were still Alive: "Help me… Pa? Zest? You guys… So is this how I die?… All alone by myself as this swollen mess… Oh boy what have I done now girl, what have you done?"If She didn't go out, she would have kept on taking care of the farm as she always did. And with the Flame-Lights, things would be pretty much the same with the only difference being that Darwina and Elegy having a close and possibly romantic crushes on each other. "Sky-Sky… what did you just sa-"If she had survived, she would have just likely got married and expanded the group. However, Dulagria would have died permanently. "Godamn… Ah, Fellas if I d-die.. Ask them about the musician who died.. Tell em that he was a treblemaker. Alright? laughs"If he was still alive, he would've become a very successful, yet contoversial musician. And sometime next year would've become an uncle. With the flame-lights, Darwina and Dulagria would eventually grow bored and perhaps aggravated with each other, Dulagria would become best friends with Nightlight, and Darwina would eventually come despise them along with the other flame-lights. "Well why not baby? laughs The night is young and so are we. So why not live it and take it up a notch if you get what I'm saying! Because who knows what's gonna happen next? As they say, 'You're here today, gone tomorrow'. Get what I'm saying sweetie? Now suga', let's go have some 'fun'."If she had said no to his offer, she would have had a daughter a few months later (not his) and would have had a better life in a new job in Canterlot. Flame-Light Life would've been different. Although they would not hate each other, Darwina and Dulagria would be become very distant to a point where they're almost like strangers to each other, aside from the fact that they used to be best friends. And feeling alone more often, Dulagria would become close and eventually in a relationship with Elegy. Darwina would be mostly silent and secluded to herself, although she would visit other flame lights occasionally.Flame-Light Ponies belong to The-Sheamus-MLP, TheSteelStallion, Wolf427, RazorSketches, and C0WFEEMLP © Hasbro
safe1678823 artist:binkyt11976 oc667291 oc only439190 oc:allegro capriccio1 oc:lemon drops4 oc:lovely vibes1 oc:sassy sparks1 pony941321 bedroom eyes58091 bust48060 cutie mark46755 ear piercing25269 earring20430 female1338262 freckles27959 headband3372 jewelry60991 male363378 mare467554 piercing39803 ponytail17370 portrait30445 stallion105116


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