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Also too, since this is as best a place as any to put it, I'm thinking of taking a real long break from drawing, and from the site, and everything. I've got some shit going on here and there, and a conversation with someone I had the other day made me legitimately want to outright dnp and quit for good, and I know I'd regret it if that happened so I'm just going to vanish for a bit to recharge I think. Tl;dr, don't worry if I stop posting or logging in for a bit :)
safe1638231 artist:badumsquish1880 derpibooru exclusive26520 princess celestia92267 alicorn210876 centaur3084 hybrid16823 original species23127 absurd resolution64819 belly face7 body horror1317 book31977 clothes435123 dress42187 eldritch abomination824 female1304150 gravity falls1310 high heels10315 horse fairy princess1 looking at you156605 magic wand532 multiple heads1577 shoes33479 smiling229967 solo1019261 wat18786 what has magic done536


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orion parish
Artist -

The wat tag does not do this justice. But I love it anyway. We need more like Celestia here. Luna, Cadance, and Twilight do at least.

And now I want to do this as a story. Because it's weird enough to work. If the artist would let me us it? I'll love it no matter what.

Just remember; we're always hungry for badumsquish's badumquiche!

I… I came up with that… after seeing his artist tag had an alias of "badumquish"…

I'll go, now.
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Aw man, I can't believe I only just now noticed this. Look, I may not be as good with words as the guy before me, but I just want to say that you're completely and utterly unique in all the good ways among all the artists on this site and that I love you. Someday you'll look back on what you feel right now and it'll seem nothing but a bad dream, because even with all the worst stuff happening, for all of us who are still here, life goes on, and it's just not right not to live it to its fullest no matter what. But that's then, and right now, taking a break is absolutely fine if you feel like you need it. Take care.

So many things are only temporary; comments, viewers, life… but you've left us moments that we'd never let go of.

You made yourself eternal to us, and we're grateful just to know OF you. And even more, every day you post. Not just art, but just a comment of assurance; you're precious to us, Badumsquish.

And it's something non-artistic people like me will never be able to truly show with artistic talent, like you or others are able to do. A shame, but words are all I can use to express, and still, they never feel like they're enough… all I can say is, well…

… You matter more than you can ever hope to understand, not just in your future, but right now. I hope for the best for you, and that you get better.

It's funny; once you left, I just… stopped making daily visits. Now I just show up a few times a week. Huh…

… you really are the soul of many. No pressure, but we won't be forgetting you. It's not about the things you've done, but the way you've done them. Show-accurate. Odd. Memorable.

The only way you'd ever be forgotten is if all of society perished. Until then, you will ALWAYS be remembered and thought about by someone. You matter.

You matter more than you can ever hope to truly grasp… and if that's one thing 27 Badges won't tell you, then goddammit, I'm at least glad to be one of the many to say it.