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safe1751929 artist:blackligerth93 starlight glimmer49825 twilight sparkle306333 alicorn233102 pony1011797 unicorn342847 canterlot5872 confrontation246 female1403101 fight6300 floppy ears54600 frown23601 lightning3270 magic75459 mare502805 rock4599 spread wings57160 telekinesis28772 twibutt5784 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126245


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Plantar Fashiitis
No Starlight stop, suicide is never the answer.
@Princess Trixie vi Equestria
I just wanna see some of the old spells used again. Gravity magic in a fight would look pretty neat, not to mention the duplication and speed spells that Starlight forgot about in her last appearance.
Background Pony #85DE
Hm. This is probably the finale of…some future season.
Starlight will finally fight Twilight in earnest. Full Power, no trickery, just a hot blooded, straight-forward magic duel. This fight will decide if Starlight has finally reached Princess-Tier Power Level.