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Huh. My friend sent he a screenshot of a question they asked Cathy. This doesn't mean that's the official title of their relationship but Cathy's view is interesting. This would mean Twilight's more of a mother then sister to Spike when it comes to the family tree.


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Well actually, hmmm….
I mean, in the real world, royal families married cousins all the time — that was the point. And Spike is considered at least semi-royal now, at least to the Crystal Empire. He's at least somewhat honored.
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He likely wouldn't have a family if that happened. At least not a proper one but this isn't about him hatching on his own. He hatched because of her magic and that means she brought him into the world.
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Remember people this isn't cannon, it's just Cathy's opinion.
No matter what anyone says, Spike just wouldn't exist without Twilight. Heck he's basicly the child of her magic cause without that he wouldn't of been born. When it comes to the family tree and adoption, she would be his guardian but could possibly be labelled as mother.
She's the closet thing he has to a mother. Even if he acts like she isn't.
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"As for the many instances of acting motherly I don't recall that many, or really anything definitive at all."

I feel like we are watching a completely different show…
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remember folks Spike said it himself that Twilight is not mommy in that one episode.

He defiantly looks like he would be her cousin more then Uncle so I'm happy with this!

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Yeah, I was reading the comments and expected the same thing! Bet you thought at least the tired or fifth comment would be about it.
People are clouded by pony headcannons. The speculation has hidden the secret society right in front of our eyes. O-o
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I prefer cousin over uncle so I'm glad she feels the same way.

I always assumed Twilight still called him a baby because she's just unable to think of him any other way. My younger brother is 15, but I still refer to him as my baby brother. Then again, my brother is special needs, so he won't ever really be "all grown up" in the traditional sense.
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No, how did you come to that conclusion?

@Background Pony #A358
Probably because most of those instance center around his job as assistant, that was the reason he was upset because he thought she was replacing him as an assistant. As for the many instances of acting motherly I don't recall that many, or really anything definitive at all. Not to mention Spike is just as if not more often taking care of Twilight instead of the other way around.