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safe1751162 artist:tomatocoup342 sci-twi25317 twilight sparkle306235 pony1011181 unicorn342537 equestria girls207204 bandage5834 bipedal36230 bipedal leaning1822 caffeine96 chemistry361 clothes476253 coffee4004 cup6497 cute205768 drinking3603 ear fluff31216 equestria girls ponified4377 female1402439 glasses64720 glasses off370 glowing horn20540 lab coat2250 laboratory612 leaning3733 licking20867 magic75412 mare502467 messy mane7927 molecule16 ponified42009 ponified humanized pony75 smoke2676 solo1094787 telekinesis28745 tongue out108317 transformation11327 twiabetes12274 unicorn sci-twi747 unicorn twilight18709


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Background Pony #DCD1
Nice. But seriously,eat & drink is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in lab for your safety & health.
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Background Pony #987B
…and what's even funnier is it almost looks like she doesn't even notice she's been turned into a purple unicorn.