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@Sumi _mlp 1213


The short version is he used to grab vectors (from the show and original) of characters and put Spike in them, claim it was his art, not credit the vectorists, and state that he didn't care about crediting or intend to. He'd get in large fights (mainly just a string of insults) with artists and people in general over this.

After two DA account bans/deletions and several bans here (lack of artist tags, abysmal overall tagging, setting himself as the artist of 2-second MSPaint mashes of others' work, constant insults towards everyone,…), he finally started crediting people, but still kept being a huge aggressive dick to everyone. Between his attitude, the ban evasions, and that his only "contributions" are essentially garbage, I just banned him in the faint hope that his images would stop coming in.

Alas, no. Spike fans on DA are a special breed, and he begs people to upload "his" stuff here.
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I forgot 1 more

Sparlight > Startrix > Spixie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL THE SHIPS
Background Pony #3D16
Sparlight > Startrix >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL THE SHIPS