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explicit338991 artist:oughta102 spike77299 twilight sparkle294349 dragon53588 unicorn304689 anthro250370 anal26395 animated96251 barb1596 barbshine43 breasts265964 busty barb557 dragoness7848 dusk shine2306 female1322937 frame by frame3929 fucked sideways1131 gif29770 interspecies22012 male357781 monochrome146998 nipples159084 nudity357121 penetration55294 penis147685 rule 6326071 sex116294 shipping194245 stallion102928 straight132015 twispike1618 vulva122972


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@Background Pony #E07A
Just appreciate it for what it is. There is plenty of "gay" around this side, much of it animated.

I personally don't fancy male twilight (Dusk) on barb action, though I admit that a large part of that is due to bakuhaku's comic that had rather bad character writing for that chapter where spike had stockholm syndrome instead of it being a caring and understanding encounter.

Regardless, I find this to be damn nice work.