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Genie Rarity: As a recap, the previous comic dealing with Twilight’s rules can be found here. Being a more generous pony at heart has of course led to relaxations of certain rules, so I can feel… more intimate?
Dream Dancer: I barely managed to sneak into this comic. I haven’t got many wishes yet, so feel free to ask for your desires. Parcly has also prepared a nice and tidy colour palette for me so you can draw me yourself.
(SVG here)
Standalone vectors: >>1410986 (merged) (Fluttershy) and >>1410987 (merged) (Rarity third panel), >>1413797 (fourth panel) and >>1415020 (fifth panel) 
Fur Affinity | Deviant Art
safe1879531 artist:parclytaxel1417 part of a set16368 fluttershy229485 princess luna105681 rarity196310 oc787233 oc:dream dancer14 oc:parcly taxel458 alicorn256775 genie1703 genie pony441 pegasus364660 pony1225430 unicorn401924 ain't never had friends like us319 albumin flask278 ask generous genie rarity37 .svg available9163 absurd resolution69583 alicorn oc30766 armband962 ask25332 bedroom12488 blinds104 bottle4789 collar38429 comic118584 cremona-richmond configuration2 female1517289 floating4488 glowing horn23233 headband3883 horn ring6377 lamp3144 leg brace82 looking down10796 looking up19128 magic81593 mare566750 math889 pointing4630 ponytail21188 prone28984 raised hoof55424 rubbing1252 rules47 saddle arabia116 shantae318 shantae (character)138 sitting72993 smiling302680 tail wrap7258 tumblr35200 vector81743 veil1003 whiteboard309 window10245 wish114


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Princess of Science
@GoldenFox The veil keeps their mouths dry while talking to wishers, and sometimes this talking can go on for a while. It prevents saliva from splashing onto the wisher’s face.