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4chan /mlp/ request

Twilight facing the viewer, smirking and, one hind leg raised, pissing into a glass on the floor. Using her magic, halfway, the stream changes into chocolate milk

Dialogue optional, but,
>"Oh sorry, let me fill that back up for you. Just be sure to drink it while it's still warm."
suggestive137279 artist:imalou466 twilight sparkle294340 alicorn215465 pony924120 4chan6606 chocolate3268 chocolate milk709 colored18795 comic106156 cup6040 drawthread2329 faic12052 female1322810 glass4447 looking at you160365 magic70964 mare459011 meme80778 milk4343 pissing3685 pure unfiltered evil1696 simple background378049 smiling236192 smirk11992 solo1034144 telekinesis26704 twiface1060 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121145 urine6339


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Background Pony #2DA9

I also thought that was strange. It looks like she is peeing into a glass already filled with chocolate milk but then in the next panel, the glass only has pee in it.
Background Pony #E3F5
Am I the only one looking at this and saying "wait a minute, horses don't raise a leg to piss" ?

It's still… well, about as cute as a piss joke can be. I suppose it being Purplesmart helps, because she's extra-cute.
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if it's magically transformed to permanently be actual chocolate milk in every conceivable way, and not just chocolate milk flavoured.. then.. sure, I guess?
Background Pony #B769
So, she turned her piss into chocolate milk, but it's still warm from her body heat? That's, like, I don't know. Is it milk or is it piss?