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safe1861739 artist:melodenesa54 discord33345 princess celestia100698 alicorn253575 draconequus15048 pony1206021 angry30206 blushing221835 boop8090 bruised1753 cewestia1850 cute220348 cutelestia3825 discute1085 duo90555 duo male and female401 embarrassed12631 eye contact7053 female1501349 filly76782 foal20909 glare8493 gritted teeth14852 lidded eyes35249 looking at each other24546 madorable838 nose wrinkle3306 noseboop3150 pink-mane celestia2783 punch1380 signature31065 simple background455803 smiling297192 smirk14517 spread wings65463 white background115389 wings148942 young1708 young celestia400 young discord73 younger18793


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Solar Servant
Is it just me or does this look less like a bruise and more like Celestia is branding Discord with her hoof?