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In the midst of animating this one… needs more frames though :y
explicit338992 artist:oughta102 spike77299 twilight sparkle294352 dragon53588 unicorn304697 anthro250371 anal26396 animated96252 barb1596 barbshine43 breasts265966 busty barb557 dragoness7848 dusk shine2306 female1322949 fucked sideways1131 gif29771 horsecock65637 interspecies22012 leg glider position22 male357787 monochrome146999 nipples159085 nudity357122 penetration55297 penis147685 rule 6326071 sex116296 shipping194246 stallion102931 straight132017 twispike1618 vulva122972


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Though to really say what/how to change it cause I might be the only one who sees it as a problem, plus I'm not an artist so I have no experience to draw from on what I myself would do to it.

Honestly, it's probably just me. You keep doing what you want with it. Maybe it'll turn out different once it's finished. But if not, I'm just one guy so really you don't need to listen to me at all. haha


The human bodies and cartoonish heads. Twilight looks…creepy. A manly, muscular body with her cartoony-horse head looks like something out of a Source Film Maker animation. And Spike's doesn't look as off but its still a bit of a mismatch.

@Background Pony #D91B
So Barb as an over organized bookworm who panics when things get out of hand and Dusk as an immature manchild slowly maturing over time whose eager to be useful.

And I can see how those rolls would work where Barb became Dusk's tutor to help him learn his magic when the Prince saw the baby dragon that Dusk's magic was able was spending a lot of time reading a seemed to pick up on his lessons faster than Dusk despite having no pony magic of her own.

And to work this picture in this dumb head cannon I just made up teen hormones be what they are.

"Again Dusk? We really should be focusing on your lessons, What would the Prince think?"
"Come Barb you've said it yourself that I seem more focus when I'm not pent up."
"You seem to be get more pent up more often then usual."
"Maybe if you wore some clothes for my lessons I wouldn't be getting distracted that nice ass of yours."
"So what you want me to walk around dressed like those "Teachers" in those magazines in your room?"
"Y…y…you found those?"