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I really wanted to try my hand at nsfw again. This turned out fairly well. Better than expected, really.
Parfait loves teasing Tranquil, hence why he’s been edging him for over an hour here. He’s even gotten Tranquil to the point where he’s begging for more rather than trying to be distant.
explicit365959 artist:jolliapplegirl470 oc722147 oc only471526 oc:parfait55 oc:tranquil spring24 earth pony274566 pegasus316751 pony1030069 absurd resolution67639 ahegao26014 blowjob33223 blushing207399 blushing profusely2158 dialogue69027 erection16020 eyes rolling back2518 gay29040 glasses65815 horsecock72980 licking21119 licking cock5066 male394173 moaning6469 moaning in pleasure3159 next generation6020 not fluttershy495 not rainbow dash337 nudity387211 offspring41383 offspring shipping726 open mouth158257 oral50985 parent:cheese sandwich1902 parent:pinkie pie4344 parent:quibble pants269 parent:rainbow dash6067 parents:cheesepie1614 parents:quibbledash221 penis161278 sex127551 sex noises862 shivering2160 stallion118666 text63272 tongue out110025


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