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safe1709080 screencap222526 applejack170130 fluttershy212935 rainbow dash234226 rarity182094 earth pony249706 pegasus292791 pony970152 unicorn324509 bedroom eyes59485 cloud30799 crossed hooves1951 fresh princess of friendship74 lidded eyes30789 smiling249234 smirk12506 spread wings54837 the fresh prince of bel-air95 wings107854 youtube link4989


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Background Pony #41C7
Removing the "spoiler:s07" since this is only a promo for the season.
Don't expect this to actually show up in a Season 7 episode, everypony.
Background Pony #9897
The other three look chill, but Rarity looks like she's got something sinister planned.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Keeping it Simple!
Subtract Fluttershy for Twilight, or better yet, just add Twi, and we've got a pony hug sesh in place. Or for more fun, just make them all Rarity. XD
Background Pony #D59B
"You have clopficed us for the LAST time. Let's beat the shit out of him girls!!!"