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This is how Season 5 should have ended if you ask me, honestly.
safe1878150 artist:goatcanon260 doctor whooves11279 starlight glimmer53049 time turner11273 twilight sparkle321983 alicorn256524 earth pony320901 pony1223936 unicorn401316 the cutie re-mark3322 3d92866 absurd resolution69562 comic118530 crossover66730 doctor who3745 doctor whooves is not amused98 female1515944 male427716 mare565962 source filmmaker54766 stallion134838 tardis1541 the doctor1433 time travel410 time travel glimmer27 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133500


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Background Pony #9CB6
“Have you two been messing with time travel? Don’t you know that I change things all the time!?”