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(artist Description)
This zebra was an ass, [literally], i can't stand that type of pony.

I bit him so he could discover first hand what it is to be a sissy pony. Hope he likes, the virus once contracted makes permanent changes to the pony, only powerful, almost impossible to cast magic can help him now, and the cage is enchanted to be indestructible.

But lets say it's a surprise
explicit318086 artist:denton212 oc607750 oc only408348 oc:lethanvas53 zebra15817 absurd resolution63650 bdsm5791 bite mark398 chastity1154 chastity cage805 collar29159 comic101255 feminization98 heterochromia4547 infection27 nudity333903 orgasm denial1281 penis137830 penis shrinking144 sissy807 sissyfication125 small penis680 transformation9567


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Quoth Theraven


These curses usually have failsafes for just that kind of thinking! When your cock grows back, so does the cage!
Try to act manly, you'll just be thinking about how to get one to fuck you the entire time!

The best way to stop the sissyfication is to not get it in the first place.

Indestructible? Maybe. Infallible no. One could fairly easily tear it off along with the dick and balls and use a spell to grow a new set.

And all the dude needs to become a none 'sissy' is to get drunk to beyond what would kill a whale enough hardcore porn to make a German blush and a montage set to heave metal and rock.
The order of these events does not matter.