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I had this idea for quite a while now but wanted to see what happens to the IBO finale.

it came out better than expected.

This was supposed to be much longer (both telling the other their qualities) but decided to skip to the reputation part (i suck at romance dialogue XP).
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Background Pony #8CF5
you mean the guy who did so by doing things that would have actually compeltely destroyed his organization because no one is gonna buy the cover story of the part of the organization that is ALREADY suspected of committing false flags?

who only lives because a robot without hands somehow threw debris at a sniper bot?

whose victory is only actually accomplished to such a degree, because they bludgeoned another character with a retard bat to the point he does not even plan for the obvious corrupt asshat to fight like a completely obvious asshat?

Good choice. Can always rely on someone who works only by plot convenience…….. And the director of the damn show being either such a deranged lunatic, or so disconnected from the show he is directing, that he actually thinks the amoral underdogs who have only killed their enemies, are worse than the corrupt, civlian butchering, false flagging, incompetent military body who in many ways are the reason WHY they are trapped as the amoral underdog mercenaries.

To the guys who do not watch the series…… it ended like shit and the director though the protagonists were the actual evil……. Compared to the group who butchers civilians.