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safe1658565 artist:yakovlev-vad481 trixie65758 pony922739 unicorn303929 caravan79 cart1327 clothes442307 dock47550 ear fluff27147 eyes closed88324 female1321535 gritted teeth11527 harness1923 mare458291 mud2436 pulling671 rain5902 raised hoof43154 scarf22565 solo1033186 tack4365 trixie's wagon1077 wagon882


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Keep it strong Trixie, can't believe my favourite secondary character managed to reach protagonist after so much hard work xD

MLP has been so good, a break from mane6 has done the show wonders.
Background Pony #AA9D
My family never had the luxury of dreaming. We were expected to work 28 hours a day, 8 days a week.
Background Pony #647D
One good side effect, all that wagon pulling across Equestria = the Amazingly Trim and Startlingly Buff Trixie! :D
Background Pony #AA9D
Now, Trixie, I want you to imagine just how much harder this would be without wheels!