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suggestive127902 artist:re-sublimity-kun62 oc604225 oc only409400 oc:campfire63 anthro230016 dracony5679 dragon48103 hybrid15190 kirin6692 absolute cleavage2743 adorasexy7979 anthro oc28263 ass42024 beautiful4661 bedroom eyes51413 big breasts68379 black underwear3307 breasts239321 cleavage30729 clothes408577 commission51849 crossed legs2702 cute177111 female898192 fishnets4581 french maid176 garter611 high heels9348 horn43090 legs6843 legs in air3420 looking at you143628 maid5273 moe1292 panties46058 panty shot664 sexy23750 shoes30262 skirt35601 skirt lift4544 smiling214658 solo972202 solo female168388 stockings28609 thigh highs28317 thighs8198 underwear55150 upskirt5382 zettai ryouiki1698


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@Background Pony #AEF1
I'm not sure if there was supposed to be sarcasm in that statement. If so, that would be actually pretty funny. Otherwise, I suppose even in this fandom, I haven't been exposed to dragonponies that are actually drawn sexy in the proper fashion. This is a surprise, since Ember, a pure dragon, does nothing for me.