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suggestive129276 artist:re-sublimity-kun62 oc611974 oc only412817 oc:campfire64 anthro233470 dracony5778 dragon48849 hybrid15542 kirin6842 absolute cleavage2783 adorasexy8201 anthro oc28480 ass42711 beautiful4778 bedroom eyes52327 big breasts69806 black underwear3354 breasts242793 cleavage30986 clothes413844 commission53647 crossed legs2732 cute180575 female916198 fishnets4614 french maid177 garter613 high heels9493 horn44773 legs7013 legs in air3454 looking at you146107 maid5326 moe1294 panties46369 panty shot665 sexy24448 shoes30889 skirt35834 skirt lift4511 smiling218109 solo980948 solo female169327 stockings28967 thigh highs28850 thighs8596 underwear55663 upskirt5370 zettai ryouiki1708


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@Background Pony #AEF1
I'm not sure if there was supposed to be sarcasm in that statement. If so, that would be actually pretty funny. Otherwise, I suppose even in this fandom, I haven't been exposed to dragonponies that are actually drawn sexy in the proper fashion. This is a surprise, since Ember, a pure dragon, does nothing for me.