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Here's a screenshot of some PonyTales Videos
artist needed25810 source needed14185 safe1656325 edit127610 apple bloom48319 cloudchaser3787 discord30006 fancypants1896 pinkie pie211303 queen chrysalis33973 scootaloo50395 spike77185 sweetie belle48065 twilight sparkle293883 dragon53342 series:pony tales141 cutie mark crusaders18682 logo parody321 ponytales16 preview1954 veggietales422 vhs183


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Background Pony #63F0
"Together with Scootaloo, Princess Crysalis, and a whole collection of wonderful pals, they're bringing a harvest of smiles, all the while~, along with the solid values your kids need."
Artist -

@Background Pony #F2A2
Welcome to PonyTales the fresh 3D animated videos series filled with the fun your kids want and the values they need.
Twilight:And we're here to answer your questions.
Pinkie:That's right.
USA Today calls PonyTales fast moving and sophisticated
Background Pony #63F0
Twilight: Ahem.
"Do kids videos leave you feeling undernourished?"
Filthy Rich: Bon appetit!
"Wanna get some moral fiber into your entertainment diet?"
Scootaloo: This is great~!
Twilight: Have we got a show for you~.