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explicit321826 artist:audrarius587 applejack161138 fluttershy201220 anthro236088 fanfic:flutters of fancy6 absurd resolution63868 appleshy1175 blowjob29213 car5647 car interior26 cum73149 ear play5 erection11702 fanfic art13263 female1271646 futa41794 futa applejack2674 futa on female10713 horsecock61557 hyundai elantra3 intersex39867 medial ring4367 nudity338019 oral44781 penis139594 road head15 sex109353 sheath2025 shipping186078


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Background Pony #1C82
@Background Pony #9204
well, aside from the fact that the head of one of the characters is hardly a minor problem, it's absurd to assert a criticism of a specific piece of artwork is not valid when it doesn't come from the artist themselves
Background Pony #2713
Tfw you sparked a car conversation on a clop post because you're too much of a petrolhead to simply enjoy the bj.

Fimfiction Horsewriter
Wait…there was a car in Flutters of Fancy. Audrarius is this a new cover image? If so I have absolutely no idea how to crop it to SFW! XD

Car radio: "This just in. Be aware of a strange bat creature sucking teens dry at Cock Suck Point."
Applejack: "That's odd sounding you feeling a little nervous up here Shy?"
Fluttershy with red eyes: "Nope. Ready for a another round?" As she gives an erie fanged smile followed by lighting strike in the background which startles her to jump into Applejack arms.

Sci-Twi Lover
Removed "ford fiesta" tag because we don't know which car interior that AJ and FS is sitting, in fact, @Background Pony #9C90 says it's an Hyundai Elantra, which in a result, this interior is taken from the 2011+ Elantra, so "hyundai elantra" tag should be added.

Korea, you meant? Hyundai is Korea!
Background Pony #2713
I'm probably the only one that's more focused on the detail of the car's interior that the bj. It's the interior of the Hyundai Elantra, btw.