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safe1751818 artist:gabbslines75 lemon zest3228 equestria girls207364 friendship games12833 absurd resolution67020 clothes476407 commission73172 crystal prep academy uniform3458 cute205832 devil horn (gesture)602 dialogue68098 eyes closed98253 eyeshadow16600 female1403010 gray background7695 headphones8099 kneesocks1132 legs8846 listening302 makeup22853 music notes3418 open mouth154665 plaid skirt665 pleated skirt4076 raised leg8085 rock and roll48 school uniform7446 schrödinger's pantsu411 shoes38776 simple background409616 singing6555 skirt41106 skirt lift4815 socks68607 solo1095191 thighs15095 upskirt denied160 vacuum cleaner211


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Background Pony #1D28

Lemon Zest is a good girl who does her chores without her Mom having to tell her twice.

Background Pony #4367

I like vacuuming and always took that chore on both of the times I lived with a girlfriend. But, if I was with a girl who vacuumed like this, I’d always let her do it just for the entertainment value.