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safe1725673 artist:chigusa138 adagio dazzle13048 oc696823 oc:anon11786 human156579 equestria girls203036 rainbow rocks18383 adoragio476 annoyed5527 big breasts83657 breasts282986 busty adagio dazzle1590 cheek pinch77 choker12430 cute202683 dialogue66461 female1380130 gem6089 heart49123 humanized100843 japanese8301 jewelry65571 pendant1837 pinch117 siren gem1791 squishy cheeks2429 translated in the comments2680


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Background Pony #8D82
I feel monumentally depressed that I'll never be able to do this to Adagio.
Background Pony #987C
Why do I get the feeling this is an edited porn picture, and the original doesn't have Adagio's dress and the hands are a bit lower?