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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

St^pid sister making me ruin my romantic beauty sleep for nothing!
(Unamused staring towards Sweetie Belle)
What?? She took too long to heat my milk! Not my fault her electric kettle pot was outdated!

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safe1722819 artist:meiyeezhu347 rarity183267 sweetie belle49300 human156259 angry27542 anime5592 awake24 bed41459 bedroom10555 blanket5395 blindfold4443 clothes465547 comic109875 cup6371 curtains1980 dress45062 frustrated567 glass4720 horned humanization6825 humanized100699 kettle119 kitchen1864 levitation12255 magic74054 milk4607 nightgown1443 old master q507 parody15691 pillow18170 pouring137 reference3874 see-through5227 shocked7081 sleeping23651 snoring680 splash352 steam1915 tapestry83 telekinesis28096 tired3182 traditional art118628 upset1231 wet8166 yelling3145 zzz2474


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Background Pony #58EC
I'm thinking of that rugrats meme where stu makes chocolate pudding at 4am for Angelica