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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full St^pid sister making me ruin my romantic beauty sleep for nothing!  
full (Unamused staring towards Sweetie Belle)  
full What?? She took too long to heat my milk! Not my fault her electric kettle pot was outdated!
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dead source35510 safe1993044 artist:meiyeezhu332 rarity204728 sweetie belle53794 human208253 angry33085 anime6865 awake49 bed50983 bedroom14008 blanket6712 blindfold5223 clothes567487 comic125309 cup7890 curtains3300 dress54744 frustrated709 glass5982 horned humanization7569 humanized111498 kettle142 kitchen2362 levitation14448 magic87563 milk6156 nightgown1739 old master q504 overreaction105 parody16723 pillow22797 pouring187 reference4806 see-through6575 shocked9057 sleeping27037 snoring1045 splash426 steam2615 tapestry112 telekinesis34761 tired3874 traditional art132268 upset1436 wet10089 yelling3861 zzz2980


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Background Pony #58EC
I’m thinking of that rugrats meme where stu makes chocolate pudding at 4am for Angelica