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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full St^pid sister making me ruin my romantic beauty sleep for nothing!  
full (Unamused staring towards Sweetie Belle)  
full What?? She took too long to heat my milk! Not my fault her electric kettle pot was outdated!
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safe1755534 artist:meiyeezhu332 rarity186025 sweetie belle49785 human159360 angry28184 anime5698 awake30 bed42482 bedroom10975 blanket5538 blindfold4541 clothes477484 comic111690 cup6518 curtains2066 dress46191 frustrated574 glass4828 horned humanization6907 humanized102094 kettle120 kitchen1923 levitation12618 magic75620 milk4835 nightgown1478 old master q502 parody15799 pillow18720 pouring141 reference3976 see-through5381 shocked7281 sleeping23996 snoring685 splash364 steam1974 tapestry86 telekinesis28834 tired3256 traditional art120618 upset1240 wet8437 yelling3207 zzz2514


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Background Pony #58EC
I’m thinking of that rugrats meme where stu makes chocolate pudding at 4am for Angelica