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safe1788519 artist:bobdude0298 sweetie belle50304 pony1104950 unicorn358308 cute210460 diasweetes3031 drawing4799 female1436585 filly72168 hnnng2494 looking up17682 mouth hold18656 nom3139 notebook626 pencil3868 simple background424001 sitting67702 smiling273652 solo1123965 underhoof55349 weapons-grade cute3828 white background106668


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
“In fact, I’d say the real war was a war over swibbles. I mean, it was the last war. It was the war between the people who wanted swibbles and those who didn’t.” Complacently, he finished, “Needless to say, we won.”
After a time Courtland managed to ask, “What happened to the others? Those who – didn’t want swibbles.”
“Why,” the repairman said gently, “the swibbles got them.”
– Philip K Dick, Service Call.
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It’s cute and all, but there’s something about Sweetie’s face that makes it look kinda flat.