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Anyway, this is the introduction of two new faces! The blonde is my TrixieXBulk foal, Vasile Lulumoon, though she prefers to be called Vas or Carmina. Only those in her personal life call her Vas. The second one is my last RainbowXQuibble Child, DayDreamer, though she is usually called DeeDee for short.
  1. Vasile, showing off her good looks and looking pretty. She was designed by Vindhov. I absolutely love her!!!
  2. DeeDee adores Vas, tending to follow her around for opportunities to draw look either sexy, cute or beautiful. Vas has no problem with this, since she loves the attention. DeeDee scares others with her enthusiasm but Vas finds it endearing.
  3. DeeDee loves drawing ponies but her one true muse is Vas. Upon first spotting her on the street, the mare rushed over, begging her for a chance to to draw her likeness. Vas, at first, thought she was joking but later learned that DeeDee is very serious about her art.
  4. DeeDee relaxing by herself. She’s fairly chill when she’s not working. Here, she is binge watching some anime and thinking of new plot lines for her own manga.
  5. Vas hanging out with her godbrothers, Sun Flare and Stardust. Sunny and Vas are besties while Stardust finds Vas to be too weird for him to get along with. The three of them only get to hang out when their parent’s get together. They know more about their parent’s relationship with one another than they let on.
  6. Vas loves love. She ends up falling for ponies left and right, picking ponies seemingly at random. Sunny is usually around, telling her that it’s dumb to fall in love so easily, but Vas is an optimist, so she thinks she will find her soulmate eventually this way.
  7. Vas is also a major romantic. She loves showering her beau’s with bouquets of flowers, chocolates and sonnets describing her eternal love for them. For most, she comes off as creepy. Sunny thinks its sweet of her to be so earnest, though he wishes she’d be more careful about who she falls for.
  8. Vasile’s cutiemark. As one might imagine, Vas has a big heart. She loves most things and therefor earned a cutiemark that shows her off to be a king of love, though she prefers to call herself a queen.
  9. Vas gets rejected alot. Mostly due to the fact that she tends to just walk over to a perfect stranger and declare her love for them. This scares most ponies into rejecting her outright. As such, Sunny has to be there to comfort her, as usual, with ice cream and makeovers (she paints his face to make him pretty. He hates it but tolerates it for her)
  10. Vas doesn’t get along with her dad very well but loves him regardless. She knows he loves her too when he shows his disapproval of the few ponies who accept her declaration of love. Still, she wished he wouldn’t be so over protective of her.
  11. Vas gets along great with her mother. She used to resent her mother, since she was very nomadic and brought Vas with her but would later come to accept her mother’s claims that her blood called for her to roam.
    Note: I like the idea of Trixie being a pony version of a Romani. She prefers to move from place to place, though she eventually finds that her home is with her husband, Bulk Biceps in Ponyville. Still, she lives very far from town since she isn’t used to being around so many ponies.
  12. Another picture of Vas. Vas is an actress living in Manehatten, though she would prefer to live in Ponyville with her Parents. She’s best known for playing Romantic roles though she is very versatile in her ranges. It’s the only thing she gets into more than love. Her job makes it a lot harder to fall in love with anypony but she still dreams of someone, mare or stallion, who would accept her love and give her their’s in return.
  13. Another picture of DeeDee, this time with her sketchbook. DeeDee is a professional manga artist, though she writes under a different pen name for every genre to writes. She draws horror, romance (straight and gay), action and slice of life. She can adjust her art style just slightly to ensure that her art matches the setting.
    Note: Vas and Sun Flare are super close but aren’t romantically interested in each other. Vas is too flighty for Sunny, plus he has a super crush on Fang, son of Thorax and Spike. Vas once joked about trying to date Fang but got threats from Sunny over it. After that, she steered clear of Fang.
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