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Clicking the ol' random button :D
safe1722861 artist:badumsquish1982 derpibooru exclusive28691 part of a set12634 applejack171218 fluttershy214413 pinkie pie217775 rainbow dash235735 rarity183271 twilight sparkle302555 oc694859 oc only454581 oc:random image6 changeling48453 pegasus298138 pony983320 unicorn330574 derpibooru7144 animated99417 badumsquish's kitties170 changeling oc7698 cute little fangs2149 derpibooru changelingified2 derpibooru ponified807 fangs25875 female1377656 gif31484 jewelry65255 looking at you171375 looking up16760 meta16656 necklace19236 ponified41494 shapeshifting317 simple background399551 sitting64137 smiling253135 solo1075312 transformation10926


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Totally man :D On what planet could a creature like a changeling, that feeds on "love" and can shapeshift, ever have any trouble finding free willing love? :D

@Background Pony #FF02
I've always headcanoned it as like a "kink" of theirs to shapeshift into others, like when people roleplay or something.

Ugh, their new design is hideous D:

@Pinkie WK
This site has a way better search function though.

My only only complaint with this site's search function right now is how they don't let us tag safe-rated solo images of males as "solo male" for some reason. It makes finding the things I personally am into pretty difficult D:
Pinkie WK

Party Til You Puke!
You're right, I like clop and all, but I hate those shitty drawings with super fat ponies eating each other while pooping bones with half screen sized cocks farting blood…
Thanks God we have filters.
Background Pony #ECD2
I don't think that would be great for the changeling's self-esteem if you only like 'em for who they can turn into.

(not their new form)

Well—screw you too, buddy.
Neko Majin C
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Twilight's Westley
I may be normal, but I’m no average girl
There’s no one like me in this Equestrian world
So choose me brony! Come on, give me a try
I’ll be… Your… Jack! Your Shy!
Your Rainbow and Pie!

They say a changeling is a brony’s best friend,
A very versatile bug!
You can make me fit your favorite trend,
Be it purple, white, or… …Southern stuff…
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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fluffy sylveon
That's something I'm surprised I've never really considered before. As amazing as it would be to have a changeling in real life just in their regular form (not their new form), the ability to shapeshift into any pony desired at will would make it so much better.
(Although they'd never replace an actual Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash. <3)