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“And if you look to the right ladies and gentlemen, you can see the beautiful city of couch, and- Whoa hold on, we’re going through some turbulence!”
“Oh no-o-o-o-o!”
“I can’t hold on! We have to land! Hold on tight!…Aaaaand we made it! Thank you for flying Twilight Airlines, ladies and gents. Don’t forget to get your carry-ons, and you’d better hurry unless the plane STARTS TAKING OFF AGAIN!”
Would playing airplane still be fun if you have wings? I’m going to say yes. Besides, Aunt Twilight is a fantastic pilot.
So I guess this would be around the same time as >>1378966, as a sort-of Sparkle family vacation or the like. They’ve taken over that condo magnificently.
safe1754072 artist:tahublade7409 princess flurry heart7511 twilight sparkle306570 alicorn233451 anthro270136 plantigrade anthro34757 3d80616 aunt and niece466 auntie twilight174 ball4040 beach ball1570 best aunt ever39 clothes477038 crayon drawing245 cute206099 daz studio868 feet41675 female1404878 filly69843 flurrybetes966 jeans4355 lifting612 mare503649 missing shoes524 nail polish8118 older27880 pants15374 playing1528 royalty1262 sandals4511 socks68690 story included9578 twiabetes12293 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126341 vacation261


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
This is…utterly adorable. And I love Sweetie’s outfit, so pretty - especially the cute little polka-dot sandals!
Now wiggle your toes about to tickle her vulnerable tummy, Twiley! ;D