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Needless to say, Clarissa was VERY confused when she got both her Cutie Mark AND her wings at the same time.

(Clarissa comes from a rare and almost extinct race of Alicorns who’s wings are earned at the same time as their Cutie Marks, and they are naturally late at getting their Cutie Marks, for maturity reasons. Her parents are not Alicorns, but there was enough in one of their bloodlines to pass onto Clarissa.)

Clarissa Clarity was very late on getting her Cutie Mark, and with it brought stress, teasing, and a short temper along with it. After some time, she became numb to the teasing, and went on with her life working to get into a good school and aiming to get a scholarship to ease the bill on herself and her parents, who were helping pay.

Though, finally, something inside her drove her to take a break from her studies, and she took a summer off to just travel. See the lands around Equestria. Maybe then she would find who she was meant to be?

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