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Adopted from :iconpatshell:

Ink Splatter (some know her as "Inky" or "Splats") is a Unicorn with a love for writing and art, but she isn't very good at writing stories or anything of the like.

Her talent pertains more to hoofwriting and calligraphy. She loves the way the ink flows when she writes, and will sit there for hours on end writing pointless letters and words. She runs a shop in Canterlot to sell calligraphy pens, pen tips, special papers, inks, and commissions. Her horn is mostly used in her works, as she has a very steady horn and eye with her magic. From time to time, she'll even use her tail to make animal calligraphy pages.

Example of the darn things that I cannot for the life of me remember what they're called:…

Ink Splatter has two siblings, and is the only unicorn of the three. Ink's body is that of a traditional unicorn with fetlocks and a long tail. Her other two siblings are Pegasi.

One of her best friends is Dawning Renaissance, who she met in Canterlot as the creature was passing through. Dawning needed a few pages restored out of some old journals. The two became friends, and she is completely unaware of the Draconequus' devilish games…

Dawning Renaissance:
Dawning Renaissance + Speedpaint by EyesoreForTheBlind

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