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A classic by siden  
Remade with the equestria girls cast, probly the only time ill try to do something like this (taking a pic from someone else and doing it my style) but this was one thing i wanted to do from even before i started drawing digitally  
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explicit432359 artist:horsecat557 applejack191369 fluttershy244536 pinkie pie243672 rainbow dash265214 rarity207382 sci-twi29699 twilight sparkle340324 equestria girls240276 armpits45717 art parody31 barefoot33348 blue underwear2599 bra19982 breasts356797 casual nudity9377 cheating171 cleavage42561 clothes581472 dogs playing poker21 feet50246 female1660058 females only15607 frown30703 glasses80708 humane five5355 humane six4941 nipples220043 nudity468949 panties59289 panties around leg1104 panties pulled down4543 pink underwear4522 purple underwear2346 remake791 skirt49986 spread legs26391 spreading27000 strip poker90 tanktop9903 underwear73034 undressing6094 uno120 vulva168425 you're such a cheater bro10
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I guess you were destined to work on SPNATI. XD  
Can’t wait for Applejack and Fluttershy to be added.
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@Rex Lupin
Technically we don’t know if Fluttershy is fully clothed still. From the angle we see she could have no panties. That is, she opted to remove those first and has just been lucky enough to not have to undress further.
Then again, I dunno if that’s within the rules of the game…
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But they have an unfair amount of clothes.  
They all have bra+panties+top+skirt(+socks), but then it’s starting to be unfair:  
Rarity +1: belt  
Rainbow Dash +2: jacket, shorts  
Applejack +2: hat, belt  
Pinkie Pie +2: shrug, ribbon  
Twilight, Fluttershy have no extra clothing.
Easiest is to group them together as “tops” and “bottoms”, but we can see that Applejack counts the hat as separate.
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Now that is pretty.  
>No Sunset  
Unfortunate, but understandable considering it’s based on a pic of the original Mane 6.
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I have been hoping for this exact thing ever since I first saw the Siden image. Thank you.